How to Sell Your Coins

We are always keen to purchase coin collections  no matter how small or how large. 

If you are interested in selling your coins to collectors on our Online Auction Please click On Image Below, if not carry on reading below.


What we would pay for:

  • Gold Coins
  • Ancient Coins
  • Hammered Coins
  • Pre- 1947 Coins
  • British Proof Sets
  • World Coins

Coins We DO NOT want

  • Accumulations of 1947 and later coins
  • Lower Grade circulated 20th century bronze coins (pennies, half pennies
  • Reproduction coins


I am Interested in selling my coins what do I do

You will need to take clear photos of your coin or coins, but very important we do ask that you take your first photo of the coin and place it on white paper  and write the date on the paper with a pen next to the coin this is so we know it`s genuinely your coin.


Valuation Service

Once we receive your Images we will contact you if your coin or coins are of interest.


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