Dated 1758. Old bust, dies ↑↓. Obv: with GEORGIVS.II.DEI.GRATIA. legend. Rev: crowned cruciform shields with date 17-58 at English arms and .M.B.F.ET.H.REX.F.D.B.ET.L.D.S.R.I.A.T.ET.E. legend.

A superb coin with excellent detail and sharp clean edges, scarce in this condition. 41 mm 57g

1888  Great Britain Queen Victoria Shilling Silver Coin, Obverse: Bust of the Queen facing left the small wearing imperial crown, long veil falling behind her head. Obverse legend: “VICTORIA DEI GRATIA BRITT: REGINA FID DEF.

In 1887, Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee and the Royal Mint was allowed to change her portrait; the first time since 1838. Queen Victoria hated her new portrait on the Shilling. EF #3

The "Old head" was designed by Sir Thomas Brock, The reverse was designed by Sir Edward Poynter, but engraved by George William de Saulles. VF Diam: 2.4mm Weight: 5.6g