For several centuries prior to the invention of coined money the Greeks, then emerging from the dark ages following the destruction of Mycenaean civilization, had been engaged in colonization. The pressures created by an expanding population, together with the desire to foster trade led to the establishment of settlements far from the mother cities. Southern […]

Inside a Chinese Coin Counterfeiting Ring

The photos in this gallery were taken inside a Chinese coin counterfeiting operation. This counterfeiting ring is suspected of putting thousands of fake coins onto the world and U.S. coin markets every month. These striking photos first emerged on certain Web-based coin discussion boards in Europe and the Far East. They came to my attention […]

Fake Ancient Coin Methods

With every passing day it becomes more and more difficult to track the flow of counterfeit ancient and medieval coins that appear on the market. However, it is even harder to precisely document these fakes. The dishonest producers and dealers already noted the danger for themselves caused by the activities of internet forums, anti forgery groups, […]