Coinage in The New Testament

Numismatists, for the most part, have long valued coins as transcendent relics of the past that bear witness to vanished civilizations and cultures. Other scholars have sought numismatic evidence to support their actually own research, with biblical scholars, in particular, relying upon coins to elucidate thorny scriptural problems (such as Jesus’ engagement with contemporary political […]

A Beginner`s Guide to Coin Collecting

Coin collecting, numismatics, is a fascinating hobby. It requires very little physical exertion and only as much mental effort as one wishes or is able to put into it at any time. There is the vast scope and boundless ramifications and byways encompassing not only things historical and geographical but also touching on economics, metallurgy, […]

Drachm Of Lysimachus

Of all the successors of Alexander the Great, the coins of Lysimachus are the most interesting from the standpoint of variety and artistic endeavour. Lysimachus reigned from 323 to 282 B.C.1 When Alexander’s empire was divided among the Diadochi, Lysimachus was entrusted with the governorship of Thrace. This area included the peninsula of the Chersonese, […]