The earliest coins, issued by the Ionians or the Lydians in western Asia Minor in the latter part of the 7th Century B.C., were produced in only one metal, electrum, a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver. They were based on a stater weighing a little over 14 grammes, and although various fractional denominations […]

Compare English Silver Coin Prices 1980 vs 2018

How much were these VF English Silver coins worth 30 years ago, compared to 2018 These coin prices are an Approx % of increase.  KINGS OF WESSEX  ALFRED THE GREAT  871 – 899 Alfred the Great King of Wessex. AD 871-899, AR Penny, 890-899, Canterbury. Moneyer Biarnulf. 1.18 g. Lunette coinage. 871-876. REX +AELBRED, diademed, […]