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Modern British Proof Coins

1994 Royal Mint Proof Year Set


cased in  Deluxe Red Leather Royal Mint case

Modern British Proof Coins

1999 Royal Mint Proof Year Collection


With Royal Mint Leather case

10 late imperial Roman Silver Denarius coins

Full Gold Sovereign George V

George V 1912 Gold full sovereign

George V 1912 Gold full sovereign EF.


Ancient Coin Jewellery

Alexander The Great Coin Cufflinks

£300.00 £240.00

Round silver cufflinks with Alexander the Great coin replicas embedded within each one.

Roman Imperial Coins

Roman Coin of Commodus

Commodus Denarius Obv: MCOMMANTPFELAVGBRIT - Laureate head right. Rev: PMTRPXIIMPVIICOSVPP - Concordia standing, facing, holding the standard in each hand. 186 (Rome).

Ancient Coin Lots

Roman Coin Lot 10 COINS

10 late imperial Roman coins

In 1887, Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee and the Royal Mint was allowed to change her portrait; the first time since 1838. Queen Victoria hated her new portrait on the Shilling. EF #3

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